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Cryogenic Gloves

Specialized gloves known as cryogenic gloves are created to shield hands and arms from the extremely low temperatures seen in cryogenic applications. For workers handling cryogenic chemicals, such as liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, or other extremely cold substances, these gloves are a crucial element of personal protection equipment (PPE). Workers may handle cryogenic materials securely and effectively because of cryogenic gloves' high insulation and dexterity. These gloves often have many layers of premium fabrics that provide exceptional thermal insulation. To stop frostbite, cold burns, and other cold-related ailments, they act as a barrier between the skin and the cryogenic materials.


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Cyrogenic Gloves

Price: 7000 INR/Pair
  • Delivery Time:2 Days
  • Gender:Unisex
  • Water Proof:water proofusable
  • Number Of Layers:2
  • Reusable:res
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Cryogenic Glove

Price: 6995 INR/Pair
  • Color:Sea blue
  • Gender:Unisex
  • Product Type:Cryogenic Glove
  • Material:Leather
  • Usage:Industrial

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